Gender and Racialism Will Not Stop Kamala Harris From Becoming Vice President of USA

Kamala Harris

The 59th US presidential election will be held in November 2020. Donald Trump paired with Mike Pence against Joe Biden who took Kamala Devi Harris, a woman of African descent as vice president. If Joe Biden wins, Kamala will become the first black woman to hold the position of Vice President in America. For the first time, a black woman has competed in the presidential election in Uncle Sam’s country.

The politics of the 2020 US Presidential Election are quite chaotic. Racial discrimination is still a problem that haunts US society, even though they have been independent for hundreds of years. Although the idea of gender justice has long been promoted in this country, gender justice can only have meaning when it is implemented in real life. The appearance Kamala Harris, as a vice-presidential candidate, surprised Donald Trump. Trump felt threatened and began to attack. Kamala was ridiculed as a bad girl. It seems that men as great as Donald Trump still have problems with tough women like Kamala.

The hectic information, both on social media and online mainstream media around the 2020 US Presidential Election, is interesting to understand what happened. The concept of “understanding” is different from “knowing”. The concept of “knowing” seeks data, but “understanding” seeks meaning. Well, that’s what we are doing in this paper. Looking for the meaning behind the political chaos of the 2020 US Presidential Election. The art of understanding knows namely hermeneutics. The validity of modern hermeneutics has been recognized. With hermeneutic dexterity, let’s “explore” this issue.

Kamala Harris accompanied Joe Biden to fight in the 2020 US presidential election. Kamala Harris comes from an African-American ethnicity, an ethnic group in the US whose ancestors came from Africa, people are black. In the past, this ethnic group was racially marginalized in the American context. The long struggle for justice has been carried out since the era of Martin Luther King Jr. These have become historical facts. If we turn to this sheet of history about racial discrimination, we will be wet with history. Racism is terrifying.

The murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, shows that there is still racism in the US. World Censure. George Floyd, a black man from the US, died at the hands of white policemen. This is a sad fact. The tragic death of this black citizen sparked solidarity in various countries. The murder of George Floyd angered the citizens of the United States and the international community. Hundreds of demonstrators staged demonstrations, one of which was at the US Embassy in Berlin. Demonstrators hold posters that read “Justice for George Floyd”. “Stop killing us”.


The George Floyd murder case has left American society uneasy and needs discussion to stop acts of racism. Apart from racial discrimination, in this Uncle Sam country, there is also a latent problem, namely the social and economic inequality between black and white races. This economic inequality can explode at any time.

US election politics is exciting. Racial riots occurred during the 2020 presidential election campaign season. Kamala Harris as a vice-presidential candidate is the trump card for Joe Biden’s victory against Trump. The appearance of Kamala Harris surprised Donald Trump. Trump feels threatened and attacks Kamala Harris. Kamala was ridiculed as a bad girl. Trump accuses Kamala of evil. Kamala Harris does not deserve to be a vice-presidential candidate for the United States. Trump’s election campaign team “attacked” Kamala Harris. Gender armed attacks.

But Kamala Harris is not just any woman. She is a tough woman in her fight for justice. Kamala is a fearless warrior who fights for the interests of the little people and she becomes the best servant of the people. Kamala Harris is supported by US female voters who have been enlightened by the idea of gender equality and justice. Gender issues will not stop Kamala Harris from becoming the US Vice President in the 2020 presidential election.

Racial riots? Racial riots will win Kamala Harris instead. Kamala Harris became the first black US vice president. One of Kamala’s Visions: reforming criminal justice and finding ways to defend black Americans.

George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police in Detroit shows that police actions smelled racist. This incident will win Kamala Harris in the 2020 US Presidential Election. The New York Times reconstructed George Floyd’s death in an 8-minute 46-second video. This news spread throughout the world. There have been protests and rallies in the US over the death of black man George Floyd. To this day, the situation has been heating up and the waves of protests have not stopped. Even the death toll happened again. Demonstrators were shot at demonstrations, such as in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The murder of George Floyd tarnished Trump’s image. Many people ask, is it possible that Trump can escape the effects of Floyd’s assassination so that he can beat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? The anger of the voters in the US can come to life over racial injustice. This can amplify the voices of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Black voters in the 2016 presidential election, the number of votes was very low. It could be the effect of the murder of George Floyd, the number of black voters could increase in the 2020 presidential election.

But wait a minute. Donald Trump has the advantage of being incumbent. Trump is famous for his great guts for war. And… Trump can play dirty. Now Trump is trying to shift the minds and views of his people to China. Trump’s political strategy is old. William Howard Wriggin has written a book about the strategies of several heads of state in uniting their people or national integration. Trump’s political strategy to shift the mind and the views of his people to China is not up to date. Soekarno from Indonesia has done this strategy 70’s years ago.

The art of understanding facts and data, its hermeneutics. With our hermeneutic dexterity, we have “studied” the political problems of the US presidential election. Well, let’s wait for the results.